Winnerlight Corperation Co., Ltd.


Headline Alto CERO: Digital Platform that will drive hotels, buildings, and factories to achieve their net-zero goal with disruptive technologies such as AI, IoT, and Big Data
Description AltoTech has developed the AIoT platform so called “Alto CERO” to help hotels, buildings, and properties save money on electricity bill and achieve their net-zero goal with IoT and AI algorithms. We fully utilize all related data such as AMI meter, Property Management Systems, indoor/outdoor weather condition, occupancy, building operational data and security cameras for energy management and optimization. Currently, we have already installed IoT devices and have been operating Alto Energy Edge Platform at hotels, buildings, and factories in Bangkok, Samut Sakorn, Chiangmai, and Samui.
Type of product or service Smart Telecom , Smart Industry , Smart Environment , Smart Mobility , Smart Healthcare
Please specify the product type Smart Energy: AIoT platform for energy management in hotels, buildings, and factories
Company name Winnerlight Corperation Co.,Ltd./ บริษัท วินเนอร์ ไลท์ คอเปอร์เรชั่น จำกัด
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