Nagase (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.


Headline Level4 Autonomous Vehicle
Brand Nagase
Description The world’s first mass produced Level4 Autonomous Vehicle. This vehicle aspired to lead the future smart city way of life with technologies. Empowered by autonomous driving, 5G communications, Internet of Vehicles, intelligent hardware, and autonomous vehicle super factory, it has commercially deployed vehicles in hundreds of scenarios globally to build smart services ecosystem. This Level4 Autonomous Vehicle passes TUV assessment in China as First Unmanned Vehicle, awards 1st prize winner of 2021 Dubai World autonomous driving challenge, and certifies as 1st official authorized permit for unmanned delivery vehicles given by Beijing Yizhuang Government. The technology solutions as the world’s fist mass produced Level4 Autonomous Vehicle are 50 km/h max design speech, traffic light detection, centimeter localization, 120 perception range, mid-range lidar, 2x short-range Solid-stage lidar, 4x1080P camera, 4xFisheye camera, 14xultrasonic radar, NeoWise computing platform, Auto-grade lighting system, NeoSafe AEB, Auto-grade chassis, visual interaction, and voice interaction.
Advantages of product These Level4 Autonomous Vehicle serves 4 main functions which are retail vehicle, express vehicle, patrol vehicle, and education vehicle. All scenarios link to smart city solution toward future world.
Type of product or service Smart Mobility
Please specify  the product type  Level4 Autonomous Vehicle
Industries & Business targeted Retail, Hospital, Restaurant, Commercial Building, Hotel, Academic, Logistic Company
Brand’s Country of Origin China
Company name  Nagase (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Company Description We Nagase Thailand is the Middle east and Southeast Asia leader in innovative product and solution which was founded since 1989, the Mobility Department provides the solutions for mobility industry supply chain. With the success story on supporting over 400 customers from more than 300 supplier lists, our team is here for you to help in sourcing and providing solutions to your requirements. We are committed to you to help you to stay ahead of the competition. With the continuous development of us since 1989, we Nagase Thailand is now ready for the next future on being Smart City Solutions business provider. We determine to be the leader ahead the market and intend to level up the Thailand standard society to the next level toward technologies.