Description :
The AI based forest fire situation analysis solution for early response to smoke and forest fire extinguishment by analyzing multi-channel CCTV videos.
Advantages of Product :
state-of-the-art forest fire situation analysis solution for early response to fire extinguishing that detects smoke (not flame) in multi-channel CCTV footages by applying deep learning video analysis technology.
Type of Product or Service :

Smart Environment

Industries & Business Targeted :

Central Government, Local Government, State Enterprise, Building Contractor, Plant and Factory

Company Name :

WooKyoung Information Technology (WKIT)

Company Description :

WooKyoung Information Technology (WKIT) was established in 2008 and is a s/w company specializing in AI data analysis using unstructured data security and deep learning technology. Along with SECUWATCHER, an AI based its flagship product, WKIT secured core sources technologies through R&D investment in future industries such as AI, Big-data and Cloud. WKIT is now growing into a leading company in intelligent video analysis and WKIT’s ultimate goal is to support building smart city and convenient life.