Intelligent cloud based video analysis platform

Description :
DARA is a video analysis integrated platform which operates with virtual server using cloud resources rather than an on-premise type server method.
Advantages of Product :

1. Deep learning based real-time behavior/situation detection through CCTV footages
2. Various services provided by modular form (ex. Live control, Cloud NVR, Face ID)
3. Reduction of initial cost
4. User-friendly customized functions
5. Ease of maintenance
6. Flexible accessibility
7. Ease of system expansion
8. No system installation space required

Type of Product or Service :

Smart Domotics, Smart Environment

Industries & Business Targeted :

Smart School, Smart Building, CCTV control center, etc.

Company Name :

WKIT (WooKyoung)

Company Description :

WooKyoung Information Technology (WKIT) is a video analysis specialized company and we are aiming to solve problems that occur throughout the society with AI technology. For the efficient operation of the CCTV control center, WKIT has been providing various deep learning based video analysis solutions related to strengthening social safety nets, disaster safety, wild protection, and personal information protection. We are mainly carrying out B2G projects such as smart city pilot projects, wildlife analysis, and forest fire detection in Korea, and we are carrying out demonstration projects in Vietnam and Thailand to enter overseas markets.

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