Find ROV 20

Description :

FindROV 20 is a series classical ROV, which is designed for observation. This series of ROVs have a small size and simply opreation, and the rated depth is up to 300 meters, covering all common water, and it is suitable for scientific research, underwater exploration, archaeology, and other applications!

Advantages of Product :

1. Intelligent control, high stability
2. Rated depth is up to 300 meters
3. Professional upper computer software

Type of Product or Service :

Intelligent Robots

Please Specify the Product Type :
Underwater Vehicle
Industries & Business Targeted :

Underwater Robotics

Company Name :

Hangzhou AOHAI Marine Engineering Co.,Ltd

Company Description :

Hangzhou AOHAI Marine Engineering promotes and popularizes underwater robots by providing high-quality, low-cost parts and consumables. Hangzhou AOHAI Marine Engineering is a fast-growing innovative marine technology enterprise aiming to provide advanced and reliable marine technicians, cost-effective products, and system solutions. We are committed to the development, integration, and application of ocean technologies and products such as underwater unmanned systems and deep-sea detection technologies. Hangzhou AOHAI Marine Engineering strives to make exploring the ocean easier and to protect the blue that survives!