Find ROV 100

Description :
FindROV 100 is a series of professional ROVs, which are designed for underwater operations. With 8-thrusters vectored configuration, plenty of expandability, high load capacity, compatibility, and adaptability, this series of ROVs are the perfect ROVs for inspections, research, and adventuring!
Advantages of Product :

1. Excellent dynamic performance, adapting to complex water conditions
2. Plenty of load capacity, and strong detection ability

Type of Product or Service :

Intelligent Robots

Please Specify the Product Type :
Underwater Vehicle
Industries & Business Targeted :

Underwater Robotics

Company Name :

Hangzhou AOHAI Marine Engineering Co.,Ltd

Company Description :

Hangzhou AOHAI Marine Engineering promotes and popularizes underwater robots by providing high-quality, low-cost parts and consumables. Hangzhou AOHAI Marine Engineering is a fast-growing innovative marine technology enterprise aiming to provide advanced and reliable marine technicians, cost-effective products, and system solutions. We are committed to the development, integration, and application of ocean technologies and products such as underwater unmanned systems and deep-sea detection technologies. Hangzhou AOHAI Marine Engineering strives to make exploring the ocean easier and to protect the blue that survives!