NetEase Chain

Digital Fingerprint

Description :
The NetEase Chain’s “Digital Fingerprint” is an innovative anti-counterfeiting and traceability technology we’ve developed in-house. It combines cutting-edge software and hardware to create a next-generation solution. By integrating high-definition imaging, artificial intelligence algorithms, and blockchain technology, it enables seamless identification of an item throughout its entire lifecycle.
Advantages of Product :
Anti-counterfeiting is an ongoing challenge, and our digital fingerprint technology can be applied not only in the cultural heritage field but also widely in the art and luxury goods sectors. Moreover, our digital fingerprint technology does not require any additional markings or consumables on the items themselves. By utilizing the inherent characteristics of the items, we can achieve efficient, reliable, and secure anti-counterfeiting and traceability functions in a “contactless” manner.
Type of Product or Service :


Industries & Business Targeted :

Museum, Luxury Good

Company Name :

NetEase Chain

Company Description :

Founded in 2017, NetEase Chain is dedicated to Web3.0 technology exploration and product development. We take Web3.0 service enterprise digital transformation as the core, combining blockchain, AI, big data, to provide enterprises with the best use of digital products and solutions program.

In the past time, we have served a number of customers such as Moutai Group, Chang’an Automobile, China Central Radio and Television Broadcasting Station (CCTV), helping Moutai Group’s digital transformation, and deepening our efforts in the wine industry, culture and tourism industry, media industry and other fields.