New innovation for smart city by Trashrack cleaning machine / Mobile flood protection

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True to the motto: “We do what you want – and build what you need”, we accompany and support your project from conception through to on-site implementation. As an experienced, medium-sized company, long years of stable customer relationship is more important to us than a short-term profit. Project management combining the experienced professionalism yielded by 50 years of project work on the one hand with a personal sense of responsibility on the other, is an intrinsic part of this – typical for family owned and managed companies. In doing so the implementation of the associated standards naturally also reaches areas such as quality management or the comprehensive product and project documentation.
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New and solve specific problem in Thailand
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Smart Environment

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Water and wastewater management
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Water and wastewater management

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Since its founding as manufacturer of milling facilities in 1959, Muhr has been dealing with the combination of hydropower and mechanical processes. Building on the experience gained in the traditional processing of grain using hydropower, the business areas BULK and HYDRO developed. Today, Muhr supplies the world’s leading companies in the fields of energy, chemicals, food, cement / lime / gypsum, plant engineering and many more for smart city.

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