RedCap Modules : NR90-HCN

Description :
The NR90 is a series of 5G RedCap IoT modules which meets the 3GPP Release 17 specification and is optimized for industrial and commercial IoT applications.
Advantages of Product :

It supports both 5G standalone (SA) and LTE modes.The theoretical peak rate of the NR90 can reach 226Mbps (DL) and 120Mbps (UL). Compared with the Cat4 module, it can achieve a higher rate, covering the requirements of medium and high-speed applications. Support 5G LAN, high-precision 5G network timing, multi network slicing, high-precision NR positioning, uRLLC, SUL and other 5G features.

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Industries & Business Targeted :

Industrial Computer, Robot, AGV, Industrial Gateway

Company Name :

Lierda Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Company Description :

Headquartered in Hangzhou,Lierda Science & Technology Group Co.,Ltd. was listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange in 2023, with a stock code of 832149. Established for more than 20 years, we provide products for the whole the wireless field, and offer customers with complete solutions in online platforms, industrial application and terminals, making “Internet of Everything” applications simple and easy.