Warehouse Environments Monitor

Duoxie DX0B511

Description :
Warehouse environments monitor with 4G temperature and humidity monitor as the monitoring host, through wireless connection to a number of supporting wireless temperature and humidity sensors, the monitoring host using 4G network to upload temperature and humidity data to the cloud in real time. Through web, mobile phone App, wechat and other ways, users can real-time monitor the temperature and humidity of the entire reservoir area for historical data query and analysis.
Advantages of Product :
Accurate measurement,Real-time monitoring,Cloud Storage,Temperature alarm.
Type of Product or Service :

Storage temperature and humidity monitoring

Please Specify the Product Type :
Storage temperature and humidity monitoring
Industries & Business Targeted :

Pharmaceutical and food cold chain distribution

Company Name :

Duoxie Information Technology Co.,Ltd

Company Description :

Founed in 2015, Duoxie located in the Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City is a national high-tech enterprise, specialized and sophisticated SME. Our mission is to empower IOT, AI, Big Data into the cold supply chain, featuring digital data collection, visualized process monitoring and case traceability. We will offer innovative logistic solution to solve your needs of cost, efficiency, highly experiential services.