Smart Box


Description :

Already got Operating System Security Certification\Desktop Operating System Reliability Testing\Computer Information System Security Products Sales Licence

Advantages of Product :

Smooth operation of large drafting software and large games.Supporting three displays in one box.Meet the diverse needs of hotels, families, education, offices, games, graphics workstations, finance, medical care, etc.

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Please Specify the Product Type :
A kind of hardware which can be used as a PC+TV+game console
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CloudNeedle Tech

Company Description :

CloudNeedle Tech is an international technology company with its headquarters in Hangzhou and offices in South Africa, Kenya, South America and other places around the world. Taking full advantage of the urgent demand for cutting-edge technologies such as AI and IoT in overseas markets, CloudNeedle is striking at the friendly regions and countries along the Belt and Road with its self-developed smart terminal products. Together with the CloudNeedle Intelligent Computing Centre (CICC), CloudNeedle will provide intelligent solutions for government, education, office, agriculture, water and other industry sectors, promote the development of information technology industry in high-tech fields, and facilitate the structural transformation of the digital economy all over the world.