Quick wms

Quick wms

Description :

With 15 years of experience in logistics and warehousing, our team is committed to developing a supply chain warehouse management software based on the best practice of 3PL. As one of the leading cloud-based warehouse management systems, Quick WMS enables warehouses to easily management inventory and automate routine work and offers full visibility for customers.

Joining in our network that integrates our 15-year experience and abundant resources as a listed logistics enterprise, you can manage your supply chain ecosystem with Quick WMS.

Type of Product or Service :

Warehouse Management Systems

Industries & Business Targeted :

e-commerce seller

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Company Description :

The online SaaS system that creates highly intelligent and digitized comprehensive Supply chain service systems for domestic and international logistics and e-commerce customers, empowering various business sectors such as order management, warehouse systems, transportation allocation, customer service systems, etc.