Qianyi ERP

Qianyi ERP

Description :
Full process multi platform professional e-commerce ERP One-stop management of multi-channel orders, complete supply chain control and accurate cost accounting make your e-commerce business easy, simple, accurate and efficient.
Advantages of Product :

– Efficient order delivery
– Seamlessly connect with various e-commerce companies in Southeast Asia, automatically review and split orders, and ensure the efficiency of billing.
– Intelligently match the most suitable delivery channels, significantly reducing logistics costs.
– Extremely fast delivery without time difference, guaranteeing delivery timeliness and improving store performance.
– Precise supply chain management
– From procurement, delivery to logistics and other data management, it supports overseas warehouses and smart replenishment reminders.
– According to the real-time sales situation, it provides inventory warning and replenishment suggestions, and provides analysis and decision-making for operation and procurement.
– Batch management of commodity quantity and inventory, traceable inventory flow, precise expense entry, and accurate cost.
– Easy calculation of profit statement
– Order revenue and platform bills are fully reconcilable, costs/expenses are clear, and gross profit is calculated accurately.
– One screen displays multi-dimensional data such as sales, product profits, and cost statistics.
– Comprehensive presentation of data, real-time insights into enterprise development, and improved management effectiveness.

Type of Product or Service :

E-commence Management Software

Industries & Business Targeted :

e-commerce seller

Company Name :


Company Description :

The online SaaS system that creates highly intelligent and digitized comprehensive Supply chain service systems for domestic and international logistics and e-commerce customers, empowering various business sectors such as order management, warehouse systems, transportation allocation, customer service systems, etc.