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Sustainability Future of Smart City

Description :
Platform and Solutions that are paving the way for a more sustainable, livable, and connected urban future. Join us in exploring these groundbreaking innovations and be inspired to contribute to the sustainability revolution in your own community and city.
Advantages of Product :
Sustainability and smart solutions for community / city
Type of Product or Service :

Smart Telecom, Smart Domotics , Smart Energy, Smart Industry and Retail, Smart Environment

Please Specify the Product Type :
Solution includes Centralize IoT Monitoring Platform, Smart Facility Management and Smart Visual Analyzing for Security Surveillance
Industries & Business Targeted :

Property management, City, Government

Company Name :

AIS Business

Company Description :

AIS Business Your Trusted Smart Digital Partner As a leader in telecommunication and digital service providers in Thailand for more than 33 years, AIS Business has been trusted by private companies, from SMEs up to large enterprises, including state enterprises. AIS Business aims to serve Thailand’s Digital Economy by accelerating digital transformation for Thai businesses with a comprehensive suite of digital infrastructure, platform, technologies and collaborating with partner ecosystem. Our 5 core businesses strategies are 5G ecosystems, intelligent network, digital platform (e.g., cloud, IoT, cyber security, ICT service), big data analytics and service delivered by highly competent and trusted professionals to level up to a new business standard and become the “Cognitive Telco”, to supports a robust digital infrastructure for the country, boosts the industrial sector’s competitive potential and our customers will successfully enable their businesses with sustainability. For more information, please visit or contact AIS Business team taking care of your company or AIS CORPORATE CALL CENTER 1149.

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