Making Smart Cities
Smarter with 5G

'Thailand 4.0' Economic Model aims to attract new investment towards transforming the economy beyond the improvements to Thailand Smart Cities, located at the heart of ASEAN and connect with the fast-growing CLMV countries.

To drive of fully-connected industries and cities, '5G' will be on the rise. According to Thailand Digital Technology Foresight 2035 (DEPA), the next generation telecom will be expected to create more than THB 600 billion market value in 2030. In terms of economic contribution, 5G will contribute 5.5 times to Thailand's GDP volume between 2020 and 2035 with adoption expected in various verticals, including manufacturing, mobility, automotive, healthcare, tourism, retail.

Why Visit?

Thailand Smart City Expo 2021
will bring you to

‘Thai-centric Innovation
for ASEAN’

Take advantage of the opportunities in-person conversations allow with more than 5,000 attendees

Identify new customers and generate quality leads

Showcase cutting-edge technology that will drive the new global economy

Expand the reach of your products to your target audience including investors and buyers

Event Highlights

Bringing together professionals from across several industries for three days of
networking, knowledge sharing, and innovation


Gathering several remarkable speakers from 5G tech companies in a wide range of formats - Energy, Retail & Industry, Living, Healthcare, Mobility, Environment, and Telecom that are collectively shaping your ideas.

5G Innovation Area

Are you wondering, "Does my area have 5G?" If so, DON'T MISS THIS VERY SPECIAL AREA for getting the latest "5G technology" that automatically connects when you're in a 5G coverage area. Moreover, you will discover critical facts about 5G: How will it fundamentally change everything, you know? Let's see how 5G technology is about to change the world.

Universal Design Showcase

Finding the perfect “Accessibility for all” covering the design and composition of an environment for all users.

Tech Consulting Services

The consultant in new energy saving technology provides advice on how to best use technology to enhance a business.

Networking Area

Bringing together professionals from across several industries for three days of networking, knowledge sharing, and innovation.


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